We will be closed Thursday, November 23 for Thanksgiving.  This week, Thursday customers will be picked up on Friday, and Friday customers on Saturday. 
Have a great holiday!
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Reusing old DVD’s

As technology moves forward faster every day, it is difficult to not only keep up, but to decide what to keep.  With the evolution of cloud storage, other computer storage devices are becoming more obsolete by the moment.  Do you happen to have a stack of old DVD’s from computer back ups, or something that has evolved?  Recycle those DVD’s…

What to do with old electronics?

Every year, electronics companies release a new generation of their “flagship” devices.  Maybe you’re waiting for the new MacBook or iPhone.  Maybe it’s time to upgrade your desktop or laptop.  Maybe your device is just broken beyond repair.  While most of our electronics find new a new home through Craigslist or eBay, there comes a time when every piece of…