Week of January 25:  TRASH COLLECTION is running approximately 1.5 days behind schedule.  If your collection day has passed and we have not serviced your street, leave your carts out.  We are running extra trucks and will be there as soon as it is safe to do so.

RECYCLING is suspended this week except for the following areas:  City of Bellevue, Offutt/Rising View, City of Ralston, Village of Murray, and City of Louisville.  Overflow recycling may be set out on your next scheduled collection day or taken to a drop off location We apologize for any inconvenience and will resume normal collection schedules as soon as its safe for our drivers to do so.

Repurposed Wine and Beer Bottles Add Decorative Spirit to Your Home

Maybe you’ve recently had a party or guests over for dinner and now your recycle bin is overflowing with beer and wine bottles.  It’s great to recycle them but these empties can be used for a number of quick DIY design projects for your home and garden too. Bottle Serving Platter/Spoon Rest If you have access to a kiln, this…

Service Update – Ralston Route Map

Effective the week of March 30, 2015, this is the new Route Map for Ralston. The reason for the change?  Papillion Sanitation is constantly looking for ways to provide timely service and optimize our routes to reduce our environmental impact. If you have any questions, please call 402-346-7800 or contact us.

Eat More, Waste Less – What Do the Dates on Food Mean?

In our culture of grocery stores and easy food access, we rely on food manufactures to let us know when the items we purchase will ‘expire.’  While simple enough in theory, what do the dates stamped onto food items really mean?  No one wants to get sick because they ignored the stamped date, but it is not wise to throw…