Week of January 25:  TRASH COLLECTION is running approximately 1.5 days behind schedule.  If your collection day has passed and we have not serviced your street, leave your carts out.  We are running extra trucks and will be there as soon as it is safe to do so.

RECYCLING is suspended this week except for the following areas:  City of Bellevue, Offutt/Rising View, City of Ralston, Village of Murray, and City of Louisville.  Overflow recycling may be set out on your next scheduled collection day or taken to a drop off location We apologize for any inconvenience and will resume normal collection schedules as soon as its safe for our drivers to do so.

Eco-friendly remodeling projects

Eco-friendly remodeling and green living have become trendy tags tied to home remodeling projects lately. But we should be careful to not dismiss them as simply buzzwords because home projects are a multi-billion dollar industry – about $300 billion annually – and have the potential to needlessly fill our landfills with waste and damage the environment. An eco-friendly remodeling project…