City of Bellevue Solid Waste

The City of Bellevue approved two annexation packages in 2019.


City trash service for these areas began the week of FEBRUARY 3, 2020.

Neighborhood Service Day
SID 186 Oakhurst – Oakridge East Tuesday
SID 177 Fox Ridge Estates Monday
SID 197 Heartland Hills Monday
SID 183 Pilgrims Landing Thursday
SID 171 Tregaron Thursday
SID 265 Williamsburg Thursday


City trash service for these areas began the week of MARCH 2, 2020.

Neighborhood Service Day
SID 180 Lakewood Villages Thursday
SID 208 Sunrise Phases III and IV Monday
SID 215 Pipers Glen-Oakhurst Friday
SID 269 Orchard Valley Wednesday
SID 279 Spring Creek Monday
SID 280 Kennedy Town Center Thursday

Carts and Service

Cart selection closed November 30.  If you did not select carts during the selection period, you will be delivered 65 gallon carts for trash, recycling and yard waste.  If you wish to swap your carts for a different size, please notify us.  We will exchange carts for different sizes during March.

Trash carts are BLUE, Recycling carts are GREEN, and Yard Waste carts are BROWN.  Please see our downloadable program manual for detailed information about your new service.

Recycling service is weekly.

You may use your brown yard waste cart for trash from December 1 through March 31.


Pricing is based on the size of trash cart selected. You are not required to receive a recycling or yard waste cart, however, these carts are included at no additional fee. Additional carts are available at $9 per month.

Billing will be added as a line item on your MUD statement. You do not need to contact MUD or Papillion Sanitation to set up billing.

Graphic is based on average tall kitchen bags (13 gallon size) of trash per week.

Cart Dimensions

Height Width Depth
35 gallon 38.2″ 22.8″ 22.3″
65 gallon 42.2″ 25.9″ 26.5″
95 gallon 46.1″ 27.7″ 31.6″

What You Need to Know About Your New Trash Service

Bellevue trash cart options

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