City of Bellevue Solid Waste

City of Bellevue 2022 Annexation Information

As part of the annexation of your neighborhood by the City of Bellevue, your weekly trash, yard waste, and recycling services will be provided by Papillion Sanitation, the contracted hauler for the City.   Please contact Papillion Sanitation at 402-346-7800 if you have questions.

Carts and Service

City of Bellevue solid waste services will begin for you on Thursday, August 4, 2022.  You will want to cancel your current trash service effective on that date.  Your City service includes weekly trash, yard waste and recycling pick up.  Your service day will be Thursday.

Your new carts will be delivered the week of July 25.   Your carts may not all be delivered at the same time.  Different teams will be delivering trash, recycling and yard waste carts and different sizes may be delivered on different days.   We are also still dealing with supply chain issues with the carts, especially the 65-gallon size trash carts.  If we do not have enough of these to fill all requests, some customers may receive a 95-gallon trash cart and we will exchange it for the correct size as soon as they become available.  (You will only be charged for the size you selected.)

If you did not previously order carts, you will be delivered three 65-gallon containers (based on availability):  a blue one for trash, a green one for recyclables, and a brown one for yard waste.  The monthly rate for this size trash container is $18.40 per month.  You are not required to receive a recycling or compostable yard waste cart, however, these carts are included at no additional fee.  Billing will be added as a line item on your MUD statement. You do not need to contact MUD or Papillion Sanitation to set up billing.

You may use your brown yard waste cart for trash from December 1 through March 31.


Please have your carts out the night before or by 7:00 a.m. on your service day.  Carts should be placed curb-side and 4 feet away from any poles and/or mailboxes and 2 feet from your other carts.  All items must fit in your cart with the lids completely closed in order to prevent items from falling or blowing out of the carts.


TRASH:  We will pick up most household trash that will fit inside the cart.  Please bag your trash to prevent spillage.    We DO NOT take:  Paint, Solvents, Motor Oil, Appliances, Antifreeze, Car Batteries, Tire and Cooking Oil.


RECYCLING:  A separate truck will be collecting the recyclables.  Please do not put glass, yard waste or trash into the recycling cart.  Please rinse all containers and place them in the cart.  Do not place them in a plastic bag.   Plastic bags are not recyclable.   We take the following recyclables:

ALUMINUM AND TIN                                                     AEROSOL CANS (must be empty)

CARDBOARD                                                                PLASTIC  (#1 thru #7)

PAPER (Newspaper, magazines, junk mail, envelopes, chipboard, juice boxes and shredded paper)

– If in doubt about whether something is recyclable, please call us or use the Waste Wizard on our website. –


YARD WASTE:  Yard waste season is from April 1 until November 30.  During yard waste season, the brown yard waste cart may only be used for yard waste.  We will not empty yard waste carts that contain landfill trash because the contents of this cart are taken to a composting facility.  Between December 1 and March 31, the brown cart may be used for landfill trash.


BULK PICK UPS:  Please contact us if you need a special pick up of any oversized items that do not fit into your cart.  The City provides two FREE bulk curbside pickups of items not exceeding 60 pounds and 4 x 2 feet (for reference, this is about the size of you cart) per calendar year; these pick ups must be scheduled with Papillion Sanitation. In addition, the City will hold two annual cleanups where oversize or bulky items may also be taken for disposal at no additional fee.  Want to haul it yourself? Sarpy County Transfer Station is located at 14414 S 156th St.  Call 402) 253-2371 for hours and pricing.


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