Build your own Green Garden

Spring is almost here, which means you can begin working on a beautiful garden soon! If you have a green thumb then you know containers for your plants can be expensive, so why not try using repurposed items for your garden? The garden is a wonderful spot to recycle and reuse! Get creative with items that are lying around your house.

If this is your first time building a garden, no worries! Other than watering, plants require very little attention, and with these quick and easy tips, you will be gardening in no time!

A few ways that you can build your own green garden this year is:

  • Plant with egg cartons- This is actually a very simple way to  build a green garden because all you have to do is put the soil in  the egg carton along with your seed. The egg carton will decompose as well as hold moisture for your plant. Such a simple way to have a  beautiful garden while being green, too!
  • Plant with yogurt containers- Place soil and a seed in these containers and watch your plant grow! These usually work best for larger plants like tomatoes. You can use these containers for indoor or outdoor plants.
  • Use an old tree log- If the log is hollow it will make a wonderful container for a plant! This will give your garden the unique look  that you are looking for. It is best to use larger plants for this type  of container.
  • Milk jugs- Instead of tossing that milk jug, reuse it! These containers are great for plants. Simply cut the top off and use the bottom half for your plant. One milk jug can hold up to five carrots for your garden.

Now that you are more aware of how you can reuse items for your garden it’s time to get started!  See what items you may have around your house to repurpose and remember to be creative! While working on your new garden, be sure to keep the environment (and your health) in mind and avoid using harmful or toxic pesticides and chemicals in your garden. With dedication and inspiration you will be on your way to building your own green garden for spring! Make your garden represent you this year and be unique!

For items that cannot be repurposed for your green garden give Papillion Sanitation a call. Papillion Sanitation has been providing trash disposal and recycling services to residents and businesses since 1975. We are committed to delivering superior service to all of our customers and to supporting the environment.

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