Buying recycled items

Do you look for a recycled content label when purchasing new items? Choosing to buy recycled items can help make a difference for our environment! There are many benefits to buying recycled items. Buying recycled items helps support jobs in the recycling industry, reduces the use of raw materials for production, and conservers resources and energy.

By choosing to recycle and buy recycled items, less waste is ending up in landfills. Recycling is also an efficient process for many materials, often requiring a fraction of the energy and resources to produce a recycled product rather than a new product from raw materials. Many common household items that we use each day are recyclable and often contain recycled materials including cereal boxes, plastic bottles, and paper.

The next time that you go to grocery store or your favorite shopping center, keep these helpful tips in mind:

  • Look for labels

    Look at the label when purchasing an item, most labels will say if the item is recyclable or contains recycled materials. Another thing to look for is the recycle symbol on an item. Most items will have this on the item if it is recyclable.

  • Buy items with less packaging

    Try to avoid buying items that are over packaged. Compare the size of the package to the size of the item. Try not to buy items that are packaged in more than one layer too.

  • Buy paper packaging

    Pass up the Styrofoam egg cartons, instead choose paper cartons. As for cereal boxes and cracker boxes look for the item to say “100 % Recycled Paperboard.”

  • Use recyclable paper

    Choose paper that contains recycled content. There are paper towels and toilet paper that are 100% recycled. There are many choices for recycled paper today.

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