Involving kids in recycling

At Papillion Sanitation we make it easy for you to recycle! You don’t have to sort out your recyclable items, just place them into one bin!  If you’re not recycling yet, this is the perfect opportunity to get started! If you’re already recycling, we invite you to get your kids involved too. This will be a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy. Recycling is a simple way for everyone to help out their communities as well as help the environment.

You can recycle many everyday items around the house including: glass bottles, aluminum, tin, paper, cardboard, and plastic. Involving kids in recycling is important so they understand the benefits of recycling. In fact, kids that learn to recycle at a young age usually continue recycling

Get your kids excited about recycling with a few tips:

Have your kids in charge

Have them remind you to turn the lights off when you leave a room. Have a go green contest by seeing who remembers to turn the lights off when leaving a room. This is a great way to get kids involved! Reward the person who is being the most green at home!

Jump on it

Crushing aluminum cans and flattening milk jugs may seem like work, but the task is no match for a child’s energy! Have some fun and let the kids jump on items like milk jugs and aluminum cans to help flatten them! They will see recycling as fun rather than a chore.


Have your child decorate the recycling bin. Turn that boring recycling bin into something fun! This will be a fun activity to get them excited about recycling.

Power down

Have a day where you turn off all your electronics. You will save energy when you shut off all your electronics and unplug those items. Your child may even find a new game or hobby that they like that doesn’t involve using an electronic device. Not only does disconnecting save energy, but it allows more time to connect with family!

At Papillion Sanitation, recycling services are provided for most areas we service. Our recycling requires no separation of items. Included in our recycling is one 96 gallon bin, picked up every other week (same day as the trash service). If you prefer a smaller container, we do offer an 18 gallon container that is picked up every other week. We encourage all residents to participate in our every-other-week-expanded recycling program. The more you recycle the more you benefit your community.

You will experience one-on-one attention from our courteous customer service representatives who are ready to help you determine your service needs, answer questions, and resolve any concerns or special needs you have with your trash removal or recycling service. We strive to provide excellent service for those communities that place their trust in our company and are always dedicated to putting our customers first.

As a public company, we have the resources to meet every customer’s needs in a cost-effective and environmentally-compatible manner. For more information visit or call us at (402) 346-7800.