prevent animals in trash | garbage scavengers

Have you ever put your garbage out to the curb the night before pick-up, safe and sound in the trash bin, and found the next morning garbage strewn all over the yard and sidewalk? You are not alone, as wild animals (and even some brave domestic creatures) are lured in by those wonderful smells coming from your trash bin. What we consider waste, some creatures of the night think of as an easy meal.

Raccoons especially, have strong jaws and razor sharp claws, making even durable trash bins an easy access target for feeding. Once one critter gains access, other animals such as cats, dogs, and even deer can all rummage through garbage bags and have their way with whatever may be inside.

So what to do in order to prevent animals from getting into your trash? There are a variety of products on the market, but there is a much simpler solution that you probably already have in your home. In order to deter the animals from getting into your trash bin in the first place, simply pour a capful of ammonia onto the lid of your trash bin or onto the trash bags directly. Animals have a sensitive sense of smell and are quite put off by the scent of ammonia.

The ammonia will have to be reapplied each time it rains or snows, because moisture will wash away the liquid. For convenience, you can pour some into a spray bottle and simply spray the outside of the bin or each bag when you place it into the trash bin.

This tip will also work on your indoor trash can if you have a puppy or dog that cannot seem to resist the lure of garbage. Not only will it save you from cleaning up a floor covered with trash, but it could save you a trip to the veterinarian with a puppy that has a belly full of who-knows-what.

Keeping this simple ammonia trick in mind can prevent the morning clean up of unexpected yard debris and is a simple and safe way to keep those pesky garbage scavengers at bay.