Recycling at work – it’s easy!

Did you know on average a person throws away around 5 pounds of waste every day? That is enough energy to light one 100 watt light bulb for up to 20 hours. Now imagine how much waste is thrown away each day in an office or workplace. Recycling in the workplace is a great place to encourage employee involvement while raising company morale; in fact employees who feel that they can make an impact on the environment while on the job are usually more satisfied at work than those who don’t. Why not set the standard for other employees and recycle at work?

Each year the average office worker uses around 10,000 sheets of copy paper, most of which can be recycled. Placing a recycle bin next to the copier or printer in your office is a great way to encourage recycling and reduce office waste.  Another great office idea is to promote or incentivize carpooling and green transportation. The average person produces around 7,000 pounds of carbon emissions every year by driving. Catching a ride with a coworker, utilizing public transportation, or walking or riding your bike if you live close enough to work are great ways to reduce carbon emissions and fuel consumption.

Companies all over the world are trying to become more ‘green.’  Most of the efforts involved have to come from employees. Keeping simple and clear policies in place will help to create green office habits.  Here are 10 simple steps to get started:

  1. See what is actually going into the trash and see if you can recycle that item rather than tossing it
  2. Start small by giving a few recycling options to employees
  3. Appoint a coordinator that will be responsible for evaluating the improvement of recycling in your work place
  4. Remind everyone where the recycling bins are located in the building
  5. Make it simple and fun for employees to recycle
  6. Let everyone know the goals for recycling
  7. Inform everyone of items that can be recycled and the items that cannot be recycled
  8. Motivate your coworkers to live a green lifestyle, at work and at home
  9. Get training and educational materials for your employees
  10. Lead by example

If your workplace does not currently have a recycling program in place, take the time to introduce it as an initiative this spring or summer. You may be surprised by how many employees are more than happy to comply.

Papillion Sanitation is here to help with any recycling questions that you may have for your home or at your work place. At Papillion Sanitation, we understand the importance that businesses and individuals today have placed upon meeting sustainability initiatives. Developing cost-effective recycling programs is an important part of waste management and with that in mind we encourage green operations by offering commercial and residential garbage and recycling services.

Papillion Sanitation makes businesses recycling an easy task. We understand the importance of the time and efforts you put into your work day. We strongly encourage businesses throughout Omaha to participate in our recycling program. For more information visit our website or call (402) 346-7800.