Recycling projects for fall

Autumn is a great time of year for recycling projects that reflect the season.  So sip on that pumpkin spice latte, and read on for some fun fall recycling projects!

Mason Jars

If you have a collection of mason jars and their lids, you have two great resources for fall recycling projects.  Begin with the metal rim that is used to twist onto the mason jar.  Using roughly twenty rims, run a piece of twine through the center of all of them.  Tie together tightly; the rims will take on a round shape, collectively.  Place on a flat surface and arrange the rims into a circle.  Now you have a contemporary pumpkin decoration!  Add two or three cinnamon sticks to the center as a stem.  A couple of leaves straight from the yard glued to the stem complete the look.

As for the glass portion of the jar, create a festive fall votive candle holder.  Start with brilliantly colored fall leaves.   For best results, the leaves should be dried for several days by placing in between the pages of a book to remove any moisture and to get the leaves workably flat. The more colors and varieties of leaves that you have, the more brilliant the end result will be.  Use a product such as Mod Podge to slather the leaves onto the outside of the jar.  You can overlap or keep the leaves as separate as you would like.  When dry, place a votive candle (or flameless battery run candle) into the jar and watch the light dance through the colors and patterns.

Milk Jugs

Use empty white milk jugs to create a ghostly fall decoration.  Begin by drawing eyes and a mouth onto an empty milk jug with a black permanent marker.  On the opposite side of the jug, cut a hole roughly the size of a golf ball.  Insert a short string of lights into the hole and plug in for an illuminated effect.  Create several different sizes and expressions for a fun, festive feel.


Fall is the ideal time to begin composting.  The perfect start to some rich compost for spring is to begin with a mix of fallen leaves and green grass clippings.  Put into a barrel or crate that has holes to allow ventilation.  Throughout the fall, winter, and early spring, continue to feed the compost items such as eggshells, coffee grounds, fruit peels, and vegetable remains.  Turn or churn the compost every so often to keep the breakdown cycle in action.  By planting season next spring, you will have a heap of nutrient rich compost to give your plants and flowers a jump start to grow.

No matter how you choose to recycle in the fall, there are many ways to take advantage of what nature has to offer during the season.  If you have any questions regarding what can be recycled in Omaha, Papillion Sanitation is more than happy to assist.