Repurposed Wine and Beer Bottles Add Decorative Spirit to Your Home

Maybe you’ve recently had a party or guests over for dinner and now your recycle bin is overflowing with beer and wine bottles.  It’s great to recycle them but these empties can be used for a number of quick DIY design projects for your home and garden too.

Bottle Serving Platter/Spoon Rest

If you have access to a kiln, this project can yield a beautiful spoon rest or fun snack serving platter. Wine bottles come in many shades of blues and greens, as well as clear, grab a few that go well with your décor or choose a bottle that you like and take them to your nearest ceramics shop. Ask them to melt down your bottle. The wine bottles are heated in a kiln to 1500 degrees and cooled slowly to strengthen the glass. The total process can take from 6-9 hours.  Even after it’s melted it will maintain the silhouette shape of a bottle, but it will be flat!

After it cools, you can use your flattened bottle as a spoon rest on your stove, or a fun snack serving platter, with the neck of the bottle to be used as a handle. Of course you can use it for many other purposes like a key or lose change tray. Melt several for a matching set. For an additional touch of glam, sprinkle a few glass beads inside the bottle so they will melt adding a little glitter to your project.

Wine Bottle Backsplash

If you are in the middle of a home improvement project and looking to add a little spirit to your backsplash, wine bottle bottoms can add a touch of color, style and sparkle to your kitchen or bath. Gather your bottles, a bottle cutter and materials to mud and grout your project area. After you have measured your back splash area and have gathered the bottles you are ready to go. For a round pattern, cut the bottoms off of your bottles with the bottle cutter, or for a more mosaic look, break your bottles in a safe, enclosed area.

Prepare your backsplash area for grout. One section at a time, apply mud to the surface of your wall and place glass pieces in your design pattern. Work your way across your surface until you have achieved the look you like. Make sure to follow grouting directions carefully and watch for sharp edges on your glass. To finish the look add a decorative light above or around your project area. Smaller tube lights or adhesive lights under hanging cupboards also work well. The light will add a little sparkle to your new backsplash.

Soap Dispenser

Maybe you only have one or two empty bottles you want to spare from the landfill. This easy project can add panache to your wash areas and save you from buying dozens of plastic unsightly bottles. Anymore, most environmentally friendly cleaning products come in refill packages, saving on packaging material and making it easy to reuse dispensers.

After you have washed out your bottle of choice the possibilities for décor are endless. You can glass etch designs or words on your bottle, paint with chalkboard paint for a fun label. Grab an oil and vinegar dispenser for a topper; fill the bottle with your favorite hand or dish soap and viola’! you have lovely customized soap dispenser.

There are lots of fun decorative ways to repurpose your wine bottles. For more tips and ideas on how you can reduce wasted and recycle more, contact Papillion Sanitation.