Reusing old DVD’s

As technology moves forward faster every day, it is difficult to not only keep up, but to decide what to keep.  With the evolution of cloud storage, other computer storage devices are becoming more obsolete by the moment.  Do you happen to have a stack of old DVD’s from computer back ups, or something that has evolved?  Recycle those DVD’s into something beautiful this spring!  Here are some ideas to get you started:

Mosaic tile projects

Create a birdbath or pretty outdoor planter by cutting the DVD’s into small pieces.  There are actually two layers to DVD’s.  One is clear the other is a pretty rainbow reflective layer.  Be warned, you will need to protect your mosaic pieces with a clear gloss adhesive spray in order to protect the colors from washing off.  After your pieces are cut and protected, use a strong glue to glue the pieces onto the object of your choice.  Mirror frames, picture frames, and vases; your imagination is the only limit to what you can tile.  Arrange the pieces so that they fit together but the edges do not touch.  Depending on the item you are tiling you may or may not want to grout in between the pieces.  A fine all purpose sand grout works well.  Smear the grout over and in between the pieces.  Use a damp rag to wipe away the excess, and reveal the tiles.  Allow your tiled project ample time to dry, and enjoy your new mosaic art!

Protect your furniture

Old DVD’s are the perfect size to repurpose into drink coasters. Start by sanding the ‘rainbow’ side of the DVD to remove the protective slippery coating.  Next, use an acrylic paint to design your coaster.  You can freehand color, or use stencils. Spray with a clear varnish to prevent chipping after the paint has dried.  On the opposite side, glue a round piece of thin felt to prevent slipping.

Rainbow reflector

To make a rainbow reflector, you will need 10 used DVD’s.  One of the DVD’s will act as the top of the reflector.  Take this DVD and drill 3 small holes near the center, evenly spaced apart.  Drill nine additional holes around the outside of the disc.  The holes should all be just large enough to feed through a piece of kitchen string.  Drill one hole in the remaining 9 DVD’s near the outer edge.  Use a small piece of copper wire and secure it to the 3 center holes of the first disk to act as a center point for hanging.  You may use kitchen string and an S hook to hang your decoration.  Using a 6 inch piece of string, tie one end through the base and make a knot so that it doesn’t slip back through the hole; tie the other end through one of the discs with one hole, and secure with another knot.  Repeat the process with the rest of the discs, each time making the length of string about two inches longer to create a spiral effect of the hanging discs.  Hang your art inside or outside in a sunny spot.

There are many ways you can reuse old DVD’s and CD’s with a bit of creativity!  Contact us at Papillion Sanitation if you have any questions about recycling in Omaha at 402.346.7800.