School and Garbage Truck Safety

With school back in the swing of things, keeping kids safe is everybody’s responsibility, especially on our roadways, driveways and parking lots. Papillion Sanitation is focused on safety. Here are some helpful kid-friendly tips to make sure we all get where we’re going, safely and on time:

  • Cross at the Crosswalk Kids, it’s never safe to cross in the middle of the street or between parked cars. Drivers—including those in big vehicles like garbage trucks—will have a difficult time seeing you and may not have enough time to react. When there isn’t a marked crosswalk, everyone should cross at the corner. Make sure you always look both ways before crossing any street.
  • Trucks Take Time Trucks—especially garbage trucks—take much longer to stop than cars. Play it safe and let a truck go past before crossing the street.
  • Watch for Right Turns Kids, before stepping off the curb, look over your shoulder to make sure there isn’t a vehicle behind you about to make a right turn directly into your path!
  • Stay on the Sidewalk Always stay on the sidewalk! When there isn’t a sidewalk, walk facing traffic and stay alert.
  • Always Wear Your Bike Helmet A bicycle helmet may save your life one day. In fact, in states where there is a mandatory bicycle helmet law, the number of children’s bicycle-related traffic fatalities is 60% lower than other states. And you can also personalize them with reflective tape so you stand out in the crowd—and at night!
  • Pay Attention in Parking Lots Parking lots, driveways and other “non-traffic” areas are just as dangerous as the streets. Garbage trucks that are backing up or servicing dumpsters, or any vehicle looking for a parking spot may not see you walking around them. So remember—never play in a parking lot!
  • Papillion Sanitation wants to keep your family and neighborhoods safe as safety is our number #1 value. We wish everyone a fun and safe school year.